Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera - Dead Milkmen RPG Module

Created by Severed Books

An official Dead Milkmen themed RPG module by Andrew Ervin. 5e compatible and system-neutral.

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5 months ago – Thu, Oct 08, 2020 at 06:23:50 PM

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Last Chance to be IN the Adventure!
5 months ago – Sat, Oct 03, 2020 at 01:44:40 AM

Hello again, backers. Before we go to the printer, there’s one more opportunity for you to be in

this adventure as an undead monster. This option is only part of this Kickstarter campaign and

won’t be offered again in the BackerKit.

We’re creating a supplementary bestiary called “Tome of the Pale Cow.” It’s going include the

monsters and other creatures your party might encounter in “Lost Tomb of the Bitchin’

Chimera.” And you can be in this bestiary too!

Pledge the “Be in the Supplement” tier now and Justin at Severed Books will draw your face as

an undead zombie. Andrew will also write a custom stat block about you. Your spooky likeness

will be included as a playable monster in the “Tome of the Pale Cow.” You will also get the original artwork!

Here’s an example of what you can expect:

Festering Corpse of James McCambridge

Description: Wearing the tatters of an ugly floral print shirt, this festering corpse is followed by

disturbing odors. Its spooky yet dazzling green eyes continue to shine from beyond the grave.

It’s known to haunt the living by taunting them with puerile insults and stealing their food.

AC: 9

HP: 4d4 + 1

Speed: 30 ft.

Attacks: Carnivorous Bite (+4 to hit for 1d6 piercing damage); successful hit requires a saving

throw or the victim suffers -1 to CON to 1 hour

Magic: Immune to poison

Weaknesses: Sensitive to light and even the mildest sarcasm

Treasure: None whatsoever

Even better, at the end of this campaign you’ll receive the original illustration of your monstrous

alter ego. Again, this is only possible for a few more days. 

Thank you.

Wanna see the loot?
5 months ago – Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:35:23 PM

Hello, backers! Andrew here, author of “Lost Tomb of the Bitchin’ Chimera.” Thank you for being part of this weirdo project. We couldn’t do this without you. If you’re anything like me and the folks in my long-running, weekly game you’re probably obsessed with gaming dice too. So here’s a bit more information about what Severed Books has in store for you when it comes time to roll.

Custom Dead Milkmen Dice

These are being made exclusively for this RPG adventure and they’re what I’m most excited about in this whole project. As cool as these black-and-white dice look on your screen, they’re even more impressive in person. They’re made at 25 mm., which is a larger scale than typical gaming because it makes the dead cow even more awesome. They come in two designs:

  • Very limited-edition black and white
  • Very, very limited-edition black and white swirl -- only in the box set! 

Big Lizard Green Glow-in-the-Dark Dice

When I ran a few friends through the first draft of this adventure, we played in a cemetery before a Dead Milkmen concert. Because it was going to get dark, I created a special RPG mechanic that used standard 19 mm. glow-in-the-dark dice like these as part of the story. That’s now optional, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I do recommend having a set of these on hand. And the custom dice bag for them is sweet too.

current digital mockup

Standard High-Quality RPG Dice

These standard dice aren’t custom, but they’re designed to match the color of the very limited edition black-and-white Dead Milkmen dice. And we can always use more dice, right?

At this point, there’s just one week to go in this campaign before Severed Books opens up the Backer Kit. Please do me a favor: tell your friends and share this project on social media. And then score some of these great dice while you can!

Thanks so much.

Maps Maps Maps!
5 months ago – Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 11:22:50 AM

We're thrilled to be working with Niklas Wistedt of Paths Particular on the maps for Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera. Niklas's attention to detail is already bringing a richness to the environments. Here's a few samples of his work. We're hoping to have a really amazing add-on announcement soon related to cartography. Stay tuned!

Dice and More - Severed Books
5 months ago – Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 01:01:41 PM

As we iron out maps and develop the last bit of content for Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera, we thought it might be nice to introduce you to more of what Severed Books does. One of our most recent hit was the Massive Gelatinous Cube -- a 2" (51mm) mini and mega die in one. The skulls are the pips (dots):

You can still order them here

We also have a rather massive Etsy shop with more dice, books, and games here. Some of our dice are NSFW, but maybe most of us who work on a computer are working from home?  Does NSFW still apply? SSFH? Sorta safe for home? Anyway: